Whether one works with or acts as a general contractor, learning how they operate can provide an entirely new perspective into home remodeling. It can be difficult to know whether one is hurting or helping the project, but the tips below can help a homeowner simplify the remodeling process.

Don’t be a Delayed Decision-Maker

If a homeowner wants a smooth bathroom renovation project, it’s best to make major decisions before work begins. Reliable contractors can help homeowners anticipate situations that may arise, but these decisions aren’t usually the ones that cause delays. Most delays are related to factors such as fixture selection, trim and paint. Such choices may seem minor, but they can cause scheduling issues in other areas.

Don’t Make Too Many Changes

Even though changes of mind are inevitable, homeowners should consider that each change requires a change order on the project. Although some changes seem insignificant, they all result in additional costs. Scheduling may be adversely affected, as all workers need to be kept apprised of changes. It’s OK to change one’s mind, but they should be aware of the potential for delays and disruption.


Don’t Buy Materials

Buying one’s own materials may seem like the obvious way to cut costs, as builders commonly mark up materials and pass the costs onto the customer. While this applies, a builder can typically get a lower price than a customer can—meaning that one can save by asking the contractor to buy the materials, even after the markup is considered.

Don’t Throw Good Money After Bad

Though builders will never say it out loud, sometimes it’s better to knock a house down rather than to spend money on remodeling. Though such situations are uncommon, it’s all too common for people to invest in fancy add-ons when other projects should take priority. Listen to the contractor who comes to evaluate the project, and be open to new ideas.


Whatever steps a homeowner takes, they shouldn’t start a remodeling project without a floor plan. There are many elements at play inside a home, and by putting them all on paper, potential problems can be found and solved quickly. It’s possible to build without a plan, but it’s important to hire a remodeling contractor so things go smoothly.